Pink Sky is a Unique Insight and Innovation Company

We specialize in helping both mega brands and rising brands find unique, compelling insights and ideas to fuel brand growth.

Our Mission: Fresh Ideas Come From Fresh Perspectives

Pink Sky’s mission is to help clients gain a fresh perspective on their brands and their consumers. At Pink Sky, we know that fresh ideas and thinking don’t come from looking at the same stuff the same way, they come from expanding the mind and stretching it into new places.

Why Pink Sky?

What makes Pink Sky unique is that we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach for your project. Pink Sky will never sell each client the same ‘cleverly named’ process again and again. Rather, Pink Sky creates a customized process for each client using creative, leading edge principles and practices, to best answer your unique needs.

We know….a fresh, unique approach every time means the best chance of finding fresh insights and ideas.